Porcelain Crowns




Porcelain Crowns

Have you ever been eating something and suddenly felt as if you’ve bitten down on a stone—only to discover that part of your tooth has broken off?

As we age, root canals, large fillings, extensive decay, and chipped or cracked enamel can weaken the structure of our teeth—making them more susceptible to breaking. When the surface of the tooth is compromised but the root system is still intact, a crown may be just what the dentist ordered.

Porcelain crowns or “caps” are designed to fit over the tooth. They not only give it a new, natural-looking appearance that matches the colour of your existing teeth—but also make it stronger and more durable.

Being fitted for a crown usually takes two visits. On the first, the surface of the tooth is reshaped so the crown will fit over top. A filling may also be needed to bolster the original structure. Our Itero system is then used to create a digital 3-D scan of the tooth that will be sent to the manufacturing lab who will make the porcelain crown for us. Before leaving, the patient is fitted with a temporary acrylic crown. This will be removed about two weeks later when the porcelain crown is cemented in place.

Metropolitan Dental is one of the few offices in Ottawa that is able to use technology in almost every step of the crown process. We are so pleased to offer our patients the Itero system which allows us to take a digital scan of the teeth whereby creating a 3-dimensional image on our computer system. This is then used by the lab to create the new crown for us. Gone are the days of large goopy impressions ( and if you’ve had one, you know what we mean), and instead it’s replaced with the aid of technology. This makes for an easier and faster appointment for the patient, all with the precision of digital technology used for the final result. It’s amazing to see it besides you at the chair doing its thing!

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