Gum Therapy



Gum Therapy

About 80 percent of Canadians have some form of gum disease—from mild inflammation to deep pockets of infection between the gums and teeth that destroy the bone and connective tissue that hold the teeth in place.

Until recently, the only way to treat advanced gum disease was to cut away the gum tissue to make these pockets shallower and easier to clean. At Metropolitan Dental, however, we’re pleased to offer a breakthrough alternative to surgery.

Effective and non-invasive, laser periodontal therapy uses a powerful beam of light to kill bacteria and eliminate diseased, infected tissue. After our hygienists remove the tartar from the roots of your teeth, the laser is used to re-clean the pockets, sterilize the bacteria, and stimulate healing.

Laser therapy is not only more comfortable and faster than traditional surgery, it allows our patients to get back into the swing of smiling with healthy teeth a lot sooner.

Since there is no cutting or stitching, recovery time is also significantly shorter. While surgery patients are restricted to liquids and soft foods and suffer from pain and swelling for a few weeks, most laser patients feel well enough to eat virtually anything right after treatment, and recover fully within 24 hours.

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