If you’re missing some or all of your teeth, and bridges or implants are not an option, we can put a smile back on your face by fitting you with a set of comfortable, natural-looking dentures.

Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth and their surrounding tissue. They not only enable you to eat and speak with confidence again, but also make you look younger by lifting your cheek and jaw muscles.

Modern dentures are usually made of acrylic resin and sometimes contain metal for extra support. They come in two main types: complete and partial.

Complete dentures are for people who are missing all of their teeth. They cover the entire upper or lower jaw and sometimes fit over implants, which are metal posts inserted into the bone for added support.

Partial dentures are for patients who still have a few real teeth, which are used to help hold the unit in place with clips or wires. Replacement teeth are attached to a plastic base and positioned to fit into the spaces left by the missing teeth.

Conventional dentures can be made and fitted in just a few appointments, which usually take place over a month or two. On the first visit, some teeth may need to be extracted or the bony ridges in your gums altered to help hold your new dentures.

The next time we see you, we’ll take an impression of your bite and help you choose the size, shape, and shade of your new teeth. Your skin tone and facial structure are just a few considerations that go into creating the perfect match.

Although your dentures will be ready to wear after a trial fitting and a briefing on how to care for them, a few follow-up visits will help us make sure your new teeth feel as good as they look.

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