Metropolitan Dental Financing



Metropolitan Dental has partnered with Dental Card iFinance Canada to make dentistry more affordable to our patients through monthly payment plans.

Dentalcard offers a simple and affordable way to finance your procedure or service and allows you to immediately acquire the care you desire. The ideal alternative to writing a cheque! Dentalcard’s dental financing programs ensure that you don’t delay your treatment due to cost concerns by offering you a variety of financing terms with convenient monthly payments. Dentalcard will pay Metropolitan Dental in full now, and you can repay Dental Card in affordable monthly payments going forward.

It’s a simple and fast way to finance procedures and products. No down payment, low monthly payments, and competitive interest rates have made Dentalcard the leader in Canada.

You can obtain more information by visiting the Dentalcard website directly at

Financing FAQ’s

What is involved?

A simple online application is completed during your visit to the clinic to establish your credit limit. When you are ready the financing agreement can be created by your clinic staff for you to sign.

How long does it take?

Roughly 5 minutes to complete your online application and then your response is communicated instantly! Also the customer agreement for the financing takes just a few minutes to complete.

How are payments made?

We take the payments electronically, directly from your chequing account. You will provide the clinic with a void cheque to facilitate.

Can we pay extra?

Absolutely, all our agreements are completely open. You can request extra payments or early payout at any time.

Is my credit checked?

Yes, all consumer applications for financing require a credit check.

Can I use it for my family?

Yes, simply complete the agreement and assign the services to any member of your family you wish.

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